Community Programs


Community Programs


So many community centers are constantly looking for attractive, unique and relevant programs for kids and adults. Programs that can be run inside their institutions are hard to come by. Few organizations take the necessary steps to truly develop the health and well being of their members while at the same time creating a stronger connection to the institution itself.

KMCA has been providing this dynamic program by partnering with many of America’s leading community organizations. We has been able to inspire their members with custom classes focusing on self defense, fitness, team building and personal empowerment, for both kids and adults. By bringing in this dynamic, affordable and highly marketable program, you will not only thrill your current members, but you will be adding a compelling reason for new members to join your organization.

KMCA staff members are all experts in martial arts and fitness instruction. Our staff is composed of former military personnel with incredible leadership experience. In addition to working with hundreds of community centers, our staff also works with the NYC Board of Education, SUNY & CUNY university systems. Our lessons will be designed specifically for your facility. We make sure our seminars match the needs of our audience and that they’re high energy and versatile to keep the students engaged and excited the entire time. In every facility that we work with KMCA becomes a part of that institution.


Creative team management and leadership improvement.


Creating a stronger, more effective and motivated workforce.

Minimizing Stress

Dealing with anger, aggression, burnout
 and stress.


Building team members who are more assertive and passionate.

Conflict Management

Tools for dealing with conflict in the workplace and beyond.

Crunch Time

Decision making under pressure and 
 stressful conditions.


We introduced the Krav Maga program several years ago and since then it has been a tremendous success. Our students love the combination of self defense and fitness that is seamlessly combined into a fun and entertaining program. KMCA has been a wonderful organization to work with and their team is incredible to work with. I would recommend this program to any educational facility!

Sarah L Bickford
Administrator of Fitness and Recreation, Fordham University

As head of the Innovate Manhattan Charter School, I would like to confirm and endorse Krav Maga Centers of America which have been part of our schools physical education programming for the last year.  The staff is phenominal with the kids, teaching them self defense, engaging them with dynamic and fun fitness activities, all while building their confidence, character and ability to think under pressure.  Their program is very unique and exciting, it is with full confidence that I recommend it for any school or community center looking for a truly exceptional kids classes and healthy program initiatives.

David Penberg, Ph.D
Head of school

Here are some things that the kids enjoy during Krav Maga. Students look forward to the Krav Maga session because they are constantly moving and trying new things. As the supervisor, when I walk in and look at the warm up, students are moving, jumping and having a good time. Students like doing the punching bags and doing the body rolls on the mat. Finally, students rave about using the soft gloves and being able to defend themselves with it.


Anna Chubalashvili
After School Program Supervisor, NYC Board Of Education

I wanted thank you so much for your involvement with our Personal Safety Expo. It was an incredible event and something that we will be doing on a regular basis. The students learn valuable information on how they can keep themselves safe on and off campus and they thoroughly enjoyed participating in all of your classes and demonstrations.


Amanda Turnbull
Manager of Fitness & Wellness Programming-Stony Brook University