Corporate Seminars


Corporate Seminars


Our Urban Safety Corporate Seminars are truly an amazing team building activity for your staff.  KMCA instructors come to your facility to conduct a highly engaging and insightful seminar on how to stay safe in the urban jungle.

Conducted with a very light touch and focus on team building, stress reduction and simple techniques to ensure that every member of your team walks away feeling empowered and confident to address any danger that may arise.

Founded on the principles of Urban Warfare and Real Word Self Defense our incredibly professional and entertaining staff shows your team how to avoid dangerous situations using body language and focused communication skills to get out of trouble.  If  however danger becomes unavoidable, they also learn how to disable the attacker and quickly escape to safety.

We hope none of our students are ever forced to use the skills we teach, but even if they don’t, this seminar will be a team building tool your company is sure to benefit from.  Based on cohesion training from the military, your staff will feel stronger, healthier and much more motivated for the week ahead.


Creative team management and leadership improvement.


Creating a stronger, more effective and motivated workforce.

Minimizing Stress

Dealing with anger, aggression, burnout
 and stress.


Building team members who are more assertive and passionate.

Conflict Management

Tools for dealing with conflict in the workplace and beyond.

Crunch Time

Decision making under pressure and 
 stressful conditions.


We invited Krav Maga Centers of America to present to our employees on our annual Safety Day, where we invite professionals from various fields to educate our staff on various aspects of safety such as chemical, fire, medical and for the first time personal safety. While every presenter we had that day gave an interesting presentation, they paled in comparison to the action packed hands on seminar conducted by the Krav Maga team. It would be incorrect to call it a self defense lesson, it was inspiring and eye opening. We learned how to avoid dangerous situations, react instinctively to danger without panicking and of handle real world attacks that can happen on the street. This was the highlight of the day and we will certainly have them back next year!

Dan Carollski
Regional Manager, BASF Chemical Company

KMCA came in for our employee appreciation day to provide the staff with a Urban Safety Seminar at our Long Island City location.  While we expected to get a standard self defense class, we were highly surprised by the dynamic and unique presentation on urban safety and situational awareness.  Their team excited, motivated and educated our staff, giving them a truly exceptional look at self defense, the program was our most popular and talked about employee appreciation day event since we started the program in 2007

Ellen Staffieri
Senior Supervisor - Human Resources Division

We had invited Krav Maga Centers Of America for our lunch time fitness class, this was intended as a one time session like all our fitness classes.  The experience was truly one of a kind, the energy and knowledge they bring is incredible. The instructor that was sent to us was funny, courteous and highly professional, he stayed longer than required to answer questions and elaborate the techniques, it was a magnificent experience and the program is now running on a once per month bases, with a long waiting list of willing participants.

Sarah McDougal
Employee Activities Coordinator, Colgate Palmolive

Krav Maga Centers of America have been part of our school’s community for a number of semesters. Their knowledge and ability to excite and motivate our students is superb. Their programs are custom designed for each segment of the population. The training is unique, relevant and very professional. The level of program development with KMCA is above and beyond anything that I have ever seen outside of official police training. All this is delivered with ease and a high level of customer service for the University and the Police Department. I would recommend Krav Maga Centers of America to any organization looking for turn-key solutions to their programming and activities needs.



Thomas Clark
Chief Inspector- State Of New York University Police Department