Summer Camps


Summer Camps


Action Camp Seminars were designed to create innovative and dynamic programming for Day Camps & Sleep Away Camps. We center our activities on the things that kids enjoy the most: being active, having fun, and learning something new and valuable to their existence. KMCA’s staff are all experts in martial arts, fitness, and team-building instruction. They are true educators in every sense of the word.

Action Camp Seminars are a mix of Krav Maga, a self-defense system which is easy to learn, simple to teach with fast paced, fun fitness activities and games which aim to build confidence, instinct, agility, coordination, flexibility and core strength in your campers. All of these pieces form a with highly interesting real world self-defense program that is broken down to a simple language that anyone can understand, and with a small amount of training, reach a very high level of proficiency.

Our company aims to be a turnkey solution for every camp that needs quality, innovative programming that is easily incorporated into their schedule, budget, and logistical needs. We are able to provide an instructor on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Most of the summer day-camps request us to provide our incredible program for several lessons per day, a number of days per week, while most sleep away camps bring us in for 2-4 full day seminars over the summer, where we provide group after group with this amazing program, through out the whole day.

Whatever the needs of your camp KMCA is able to provide efficient, high-quality programming and are able to operate in any location, environment, classroom, or staging area. Our versatile instructors are adept at customizing the program for each segment of the population, age group, and facility.


Creative team management and leadership improvement.


Creating a stronger, more effective and motivated workforce.

Minimizing Stress

Dealing with anger, aggression, burnout
 and stress.


Building team members who are more assertive and passionate.

Conflict Management

Tools for dealing with conflict in the workplace and beyond.

Crunch Time

Decision making under pressure and 
 stressful conditions.


This year was our first time partnering with the KMCA for our summer camp program. I can say without reservation that it was an absolute success. Our instructor was amazing with our campers. He towed the line perfectly between being professional and teaching the kids what they needed while also keeping it fun and entertaining. Our parents loved that we exposed our kids to krav maga and it was great to see them sweating and engaged in such a cool and unique activity. Every interaction between us and KMCA was first rate, from the planning all the way through to the day they arrived on campus. We have already planned a return to visit to camp for next summer and look forward to many more.

Adena Brown
Camp Director - Camp Wayne for Girls

Here are some things that the kids enjoy during Krav Maga. Students look forward to the Krav Maga session because they are constantly moving and trying new things. As the supervisor, when I walk in and look at the warm up, students are moving, jumping and having a good time. Students like doing the punching bags and doing the body rolls on the mat. Finally, students rave about using the soft gloves and being able to defend themselves with it.


Anna Chubalashvili
After School Program Supervisor, NYC Board Of Education